Lifetime Membership

Life members play a vital role in the affairs of Arain Society. The entire setup of Arain Society is managed by the Executive Body which is elected by life members through an election process. Every life member can take part in elections and contest for any post like the president, vice president, general secretary, executive member etc to play a key role in the management of Arain Society. Life Members play front man role in the affairs of Arain society as under:

To run the affairs of Arain Society Islamabad various subcommittees are formed from the executive body which performs the specific organizational task. These committees include Marriage Committee, Zakat Committee, Publications Committee, etc. Thus by becoming life members you are entitled to become a member of the executive body and take an active part in society’s affairs, management, and decisions.

Life membership is open only to Arain Community. Every Arain desirous of becoming life member can become member by filling life time registration form and paying a sum of Rs. 3000 as registration fee. For further information kindly contact Arain society office

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