Rules & Regulations

rules and regulation

Election Process

The entire setup and affairs of Arain society are managed by the executive body. This executive body is elected through an election process that is conducted by the Arain Society after every 2 years. These elections are conducted normally in the month of December under the supervision of the election commission, comprising of three members, which are appointed by the Executive body . Nearly two months before elections, a detailed schedule for the election is announced in prominent newspapers along with details of various stages of the election process, namely:

  1. Date of obtaining nomination papers (which is normally 2 months before the election date).
  2. Date of submission of nomination papers
  3. Date of objections on the submitted nomination papers.
  4. Date of withdrawal of nomination papers.
  5. Date of an election.
  6. Date of announcement of the final list of candidates.

Executive Members

Under the present system the elections are held for the under mentioned office bearers and executive members:

  1. President.
  2. Senior Vice President.
  3. Vice President.
  4. General Secretary.
  5. Joint Secretary.
  6. Finance Secretary.
  7. Executive Members (10 Nos).
    Only life members can contest for the above posts. Similarly only life members are eligible to cast votes in the election. However any person of Arain community can become a life member by registering himself as life time member after payment of Rs.3000 Registration fee. The List of office bearers and executive members of current executive body can be seen here.